The beautiful thing about memories is that they are yours.. Whether they are good, bad, or indifferent.. They belongs to you! And no matter where life takes you.. Your memories tie you to where you’ve been.. And to where you are now..
Never think about the past! It brings tears.. Don’t even think about the future.. It brings fears! Just.. Live every moment you have with a big smile! :)

Live life! Regret.. NOTHING! ❤

You'll Think Of Me..

..Ever since you found yourself in someone else's arms.. I've been tryin' my best to get along.. But that's OK! There's nothing left to say, but..
Take your records, take your freedom.. Take your memories, I don't need'em! Take your space and take your reasons.. But you'll think of me..
 ..Someday.. I'm gonna run across your mind.. Don't worry, I'll be fine! I'm gonna be alright.. While you're sleeping with your pride.. Wishing I could hold you tight.. I'll be over you! And on with my life..

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